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Some people think yoga is easy. Just a bunch of chicks in over-priced spandex, bending and breathing who are all of a sudden posting inspirational quotes to their Facebook pages every flipping day.

But I’m here to tell you, that shit is hard!

The lunges you hold forever and ever (hello quadriceps!), the “chaturangas” in eeeeeevery vinyasa that are basically slow pushups (and aren’t pushups hard enough without slowing them down?), and balancing on your hands when you’re slippery as fuck from all the sweat pouring out of you.

Hard. Hard. Hard. 

But the hardest part is the end. The Savasana. Also known as the "Corpse pose". Yeah, that part where we all lay back and do absolutely nothing strenuous, and call it a “posture". The ability to lay completely still while that bead of sweat drips down the sides of your face, rolling closer and finally trickling into your ear, tickling the shit out of you. You aren't suppose to fidget, or wipe it away. You aren't supposed to feel stressed about it. This, my friends, is the real challenge in yoga.

Don’t believe me? Try it. I dare you. Get super sweaty and then just lay back and feel it all. Tricky, tricky business.

The more yogiish way to say this I suppose would be: It’s difficult to simply observe.

So there’s my inspirational quote on Facebook for today. (Check!)



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