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Born and raised in the chilly winters of Edmonton, Alberta, I have now moved onto the greener (literally, it rains alot here) pastures of Vancouver, BC (after a quick 9-yr stopover in Calgary). I like only summer, spring and fall climates where one can saunter about the streets in big scarves and denim jackets and tall boots with thick socks, or sundresses and flip flops and cut off shorts, and am completely disinterested in snow and temperatures below zero.

But for me, home is really the place I visit most often. I like to say I live on Cloud 9. I’m a traveler. I endeavour to see the world, or at least lots and lots of it. And, I must say, I’m on a roll… and there is no sign that it will let up anytime soon. I look at it as an investment, bringing me a richer life and a greater perspective.


Also. Yoga. I am a yogi. Love that stuff. There’s nothing like a vinyasa to kick start your day, your muscles and your mind into action. Plus a yoga retreat is a fantastic excuse to pack a bag and take yet another trip, don’t you think?

I’m intrigued by photography. One day I’d like to jet off to Florence to study it, for real. For now, it’s me, my iPhone and my filters, playing as we do. Follow on Instagram: @tessamaymarr.

I also have a huge crush on wine, wine tasting, and wine-related things. Every sip is an experience (cheesy, but true) and there is so much of it to discover. So it’s a good thing I’m thirsty.

I’m a pretty big fan of social media, as well. (You may have already guessed this.) So much so, that I decided I wanted to work in the field. But I didn’t just want any job, I wanted to build a company. A brand. Somewhere that I could live the life I wanted to live (all over the globe) and work hard while doing it, with only a strong wifi connection. (I am a sucker for a strong wifi connection, I must say.) I wanted to teach people the value of social media, and modern marketing, and how to capitalize on the opportunities it presented for businesses. I started pouring my heart (and a lot of time) into Mad Media, which has quickly grown to offer not only social media management services, but also live event coverage, social media coaching as well as graphic and web design services, with a team that operates all over the world.

Oh and we can’t forget about Gluten Free Calgary. This organization, run primarily via social channels as well as a blog, has been my baby since 2012 and has grown bigger than I had ever dreamed for it in the beginning. With the help of volunteers, it continues to be a success and a great resource centre for those living gluten-free.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart—I’m reminded of this everyday. I’m a very active host on AirBnb, and continue to run Mad Media, Gluten Free Calgary AND I’m a flight attendant, in all my spare time. I get to live my dream everyday, from anywhere in the world, and that’s pretty cool.

That’s just a bit about me.

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