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Leaving Iquique

Checking in again! So we are heading out today… leaving the beaches of beautiful Iquique. Aww… tear. Oh well, there´s only so much sun my freckled skin can take right! We are leaving on a Santiago bound bus tonight at 1730… and 25 hours later, we will arrive. We´ll spend a night and day there and then back on the bus for 8 hours to Mendoza where the serious wine consumption is scheduled to begin.

Life here is so different. Mornings are sticky and hot… everyone walks around the hostel common areas pounding back huge bottles of water to try and wash down the cervesa from the night previous (or earlier that morning really… and you can definitely say that here because people party until about 7am). Alley, you´ll be so proud of your lame ass big sister… I was the last to bed last night, clocking out at 730am exactly. Stayed up to watch the sunset from our little rooftop terrace. And I was back on the beach today by noon! Such a freakin trooper…. Never again can you call me the lame ass big sister who is in bed by midnight. So funny, I actually kept asking the guy working the front desk here (who I am sure was suuuuuuuper annoyed with all of us galavanting around in our drunken wonder) what time it was and saying that I couldn´t wait to tell you… ha! So funny.

We have some badass tans happening now. That´s a good thing I guess. Savannah is UBER dark. She totally looks like she belongs here. Me, not so much. My freckles, red hair and patchy tan lines are a dead giveaway. The locals here on the beach COAT the sunscreen just on their faces so they actually look completely ghost white, but their bodies are so dark. It is quite the sight… all these odd looking people strutting their barely there bikinis and big booties around the beaches.

Funny thing to try and do in Chile: buy tampons. The only have them at pharmacies and everything at pharmacies here is behind the counter and has to be asked for. Then, to make it just that much more challenging, they were not even visible so the old point and nod trick was not going to cut it. And I really wasn´t comfortable attempting to sharade out my question. The shopping trip did end in success, but it was definitely an experience not to be forgotten.

We met sweet people here. The couple from Canada (I think I already went through this but whatever, it´s my blog and you have to read what I say), Ritcey and Gabriella. These two brothers from LA, who are absolutely the most classic LA Americans you have ever met, Josh and Tim. These two Aussies that are actually going to meet up with us in Santiago tomorrow night as our itineraries happen to totally cross, Will and Eddie. Four Aussies who are the absolute surfer stereotype… some dreadlocks created NATURALLY and the most amazing tans in the world. And then a big hairy Australian who´s attempts at speaking Spanish consist of adding an “o” to the end of every word (somehow he does get by?) and passes out on the couch in the TV room EVERY NIGHT then sleeps until 2pm amoungst all the other hostellers trying to watch some afternoon TV. Everyone is moving on today, so it totally worked out. Our little address book is filling up quickly!

We have been eating the most amazing Savannah-cooked meals on the face of the earth. Is it not an absolute dreamy life to wake up at 11 and chow down on some fresh avocado and scrambled eggs? Let me tell you, IT´S AN ABSOLUTE DREAM.

Well, what else is there to say about Chile. I guess that´s all for today folks. Time to go wash the sand off my legs and put on my sweat pants in preparation for a long long long bus ride through the night. Information just in case… we are taking Pullman Bus company. But don´t worry everyone, Peru busses are FAR SKETCHIER and we managed to survive those. Love to all! Oh, and P.S. we just got the most amazing news. Our favorite new mommy Maria, soon to be a Mrs has asked Savannah and I both to be bridesmaids!!!! We´re so excited we can barely stand it. HORRAYYYYYYYYY!!! Ok love to all.



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