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Iquique – Round 2

Our last week in South America could not have gone any better. After all the twists and turns along the way, we ended up back in Iquique for a second time, but this time our friends that we had met in Cusco (Blain and Graeme, the Canadians that we did Machu Picchu with) were there as well, so we got to reconnect! Some of the surfers we had met there the week prior were still bumming around. Again, connecting with people over and over again in the small travel community.


So we spent the last 3 days just laying low. Sunning at the beach by day. Homemade meals. Ping pong. Afternoon naps (which I have become increasingly fond of if not dependant on, so home should be a difficult change). We spent alot of our time sleeping in and napping… which was refreshing. And in the evenings, consumed countless beers, bottles of wine and vodka going nowhere but our hostel patio. The iPod and speakers made for great entertainment – along with a brilliant blend of humor amoungst the four of us. We didn´t accomplish all the things I wanted us to in the beginning… but this time, I don´t care. My dear friend and travel guru, John Thompson said to me, before I left, that my guidebook was a great tool, but part of the greatness of travel came from the people that you slow down long enough to meet – not just the monuments you visit. It´s so true. We have made some amazing new friends along our journey. It makes more traveling abroad feel more attainable now as well! Ever in London? Email Graham Cook for a free place to stay and a tour of the local pubs. A few in BC. A few in Edmonton. Some in Australia. Even some from South America for when we go back.


There has been ALOT of ground covered, by bus mostly, over the last month which I definitely am getting tired of. All the overnight busses. But other than that, I am anything but ready for home. A couple weeks is a vacation, but after a month, you are finally getting used to this as your lifestyle. And it´s a brilliant lifestyle. Flying by the seat of your plants. Answering to no one but your bank account. New people. New places. Living in hostels that become home so quickly. I´m not ready to come home to 40 plus hour work weeks, paying bills, cleaning my house… being responsible. I´m not ready for real life again! Boo…. I want to stay and live amoungst the sand dundes and beaches and vineyards and culture and travellers. Ah, such is travel. End is inevitable I suppose. Home is inevitable.



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