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Block Your Calendars Off For “Borrowed Time”

This week, I've had the privilege of working on, what felt like, borrowed time. What do I mean by that? Well, I'm on call for another job, which means I had to leave this week free of plans, meetings, tasks and social engagements. I had to leave it empty, so that work could call me out and fill up my time that way. Sure, there's a certain anxiousness that could come from being "on call", but this week, I really found the beauty in it.

So far, I haven't been called out, and I've been able to wake up everyday and use my time to do whatever I felt like doing or whatever I felt behind on--cleaning out closets, sleeping late, crossing off pesky to-do list tasks and even watching television. It's been crazy productive and rather fulfilling overall. Almost never, in my busy life juggling my new business, my other job, my family and friends all over the country (or world, even) and my lust for travel, do I have time that is not predestined for something. Life runs on a schedule. And I'm not complaining, for many reasons, I like it that way, and need it that way, but there is never time to just catch up, relax, do nothing. And holy crap is it lovely.

So this has me thinking. What if we all built in "borrowed time" to our oh-so-scheduled lives? What if we blocked off a few days, a week, even ONE day every month and scheduled nothing. No meetings. No tasks. No traveling. Think of the things we could accomplish that day! Everything, or nothing, depending only on our current state of being and feeling. If we didn't work, we wouldn't need to feel guilty about it, because it wasn't work time, there was nothing to accomplish in that time. If we were inspired to, however, we would feel ahead of the game (and how often does that happen, entrepreneurs?!). If we watched television, we could really be present and enjoy it, because there was nothing else on our agenda's we were putting off to "be lazy". This would be our time, and we could decide to spend it however we felt best served us in that very moment.

Try it, friends. I'm going to.

Block off your calendars. Find your time. And see what happens.



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