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A Seaside Finale

So, every time I go out to visit England, I try and make a stopover into the seaside escape known as Brighton. If you’ve never been before, it’s well worth the 1 hour train ride from London, and this weekend for me was absolutely no exception.

Kaley and I met up at Rob’s place and once he was finished work we all squeezed into the little Audi sports car and sped off down the coast. My fellow ginger friend, Holli, is living in Brighton this year working as a doctor (haha, I like to brag about how smart and impressive she is) so she offered to put us up for the weekend (or maybe I asked, I’m not really sure, haha)! We were delighted walking into her apartment! It reminded us so much of our place back home! And as we were trying to budget space in our overstuffed backpacks, we had to leave our beloved sweat pants and baggy t-shirts at home, but HOLLI TO THE RESCUE! Our stay came complete with the baggiest sweatsuits for cuddling up in at night. SO AWESOME! (Oh, how long I could gush about sweat pants…)

The weekend consisted primarily of pub hopping (shocking, I know) but was made oh so very special by the people we got to go out with. Rob was with us the Friday night and Jody drove up for the evening as well. Holli was out with us, of course, and her friend Tina who was in town visiting was around for the Friday night. Saturday was dressed with appearances from my friend James Law, who lives there in Brighton as well, Kaley’s friend Louise (who had been following her around all week, working full time still and yet keeping up just fine in terms of booze consumption… impressive, I tell you) and even a visit from my old roommate in Argentina, Danny, who trained down just for the afternoon. We were spoiled with good company, adorable pubs and spots right along the seaside, and overwhelming hospitality.

Saturday I even managed to get out and about in the daylight and took a drive with Jody along the coast, out to Eastbourne. It was mesmerizing! Such a beautiful scene, rolling along through the hillside towns littered with little houses. A view simply impossible to capture with a camera.

A memorable weekend, all around, and a perfect way to end our adventure in England. Thanks to all the amazing people that came out to meet us and that we met along the way!! You made it for us!!


Shouts to…

Louise, Phil, Georgina, Kev, Ali, Rob, Sophie, Jody,Jeeves, The Poulter’s, Holli, James, Danny, Gene, Sarah, Ash, Jimmy, Tina, Abby, Dan

And I’m sorry if I forgot anyone! Mad love to you all! xx


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