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A Night on the Town

Hmm… not sure what I want to publish here for details. And really, how descriptive can you be about partying? It was Sophie and the English boys’ last night in Bali. There was Bintang. Loads and loads of Bintang. There were drinking games. Then a pub. Then a reggae bar. Then a club. Then another club. There was dancing. There was stumbling. We closed the town down in the wee hours of the morning. And I have no idea who’s flip flops I’m wearing… or where mine are.

Yup. That about sums it up.


Okay, okay. I’ll write a bit more about it. Kuta is nuts. It’s a crazy crazy town packed full of shopping (so much shopping it will make you dizzy, market stalls and brand name shops alike). There is loads of traffic. Honking horns. Mass amounts of Austrailian surfer boys walking around with greasy blonde hair, peeling tans and cheesy Bintang tank tops (although, I did buy my very own cheesy Bintang tshirt before I left, I must admit). There is loads of drinking. There are scams, so be careful. It’s super touristy. The place we stayed had private rooms with questionably clean white sheets and a dingy bathroom with a toilet that flushed only sometimes, dirty floors and a cold water shower. But it did have a beautiful pool to pass the hours by, which made up for it.

You know, if you’re looking for a party, Kuta is the place, for sure. But otherwise, steer clear I’d say. Maybe a night or two to dance yourself into exhaustion until you’re sweating out Bintang… but it’s certainly not the real Bali. Haha.

After my crazy night there, I booked a ticket on the “fast boat” to take me to the raved about Gili Islands for a weekend adventure before leaving Bali. I left the following morning at 11am and caught my shuttle bus to the port town where my boat was supposed to be waiting….




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