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Miami Beach

So we just showed up at this hostel in Miami. Miami Beach, to be exact. The big guy out front with the JAZZ HOSTELS t shirt on says he´ll be in once he´s done his smoke. We walk inside, techno music, bad techno music, is pumping in the main room. Interesting…

Spent our very first night in a hostel. Our very first night in Miami. Oh, Miami. We walked up and down Ocean Drive looking for eats and every restaurant is spilling patios out onto the sidewalk. Everyone is sporting dark tans from excessive sun exposure, blonde haired and decked out in white linens and flash gold and diamond accessories.


It is truly what you would expect Miami to be. I believe the official language, although technically English, is Spanish. All the hostessed were shoving their menus in your face and proclaiming 50% off and 2 x 1 drinks! Never have a seen a restaurant offer 50% their menu. It´s not a freaking department sore sale. It´s supposed to be a restaurant–an experience. But really, we had no other choice and of course, I´m not one to turn down a bargain so… we enjoyed some absolutely massive BOWLS of Sangria (I thought of you, Mom) and less than tasty appetizers. The Sangria was delicious, but when the bill came, turned out to be 28$ per drink!! Can you imagine for that much money how much booze must have been contained in that bowl?? Haha! Another thing we notice when the bill comes is that… APPARENTLY the fine print reads 50% off the menu OR 2 x 1 free drinks. SCAMMERS! Yes, we were had by Miami and their too good to be true bull. For that much money we could have spent a full week in Peru–eating and living like kings.

So, after our over-priced meals, feeling a little sauced from the two BOWLS of Sangria, we head down to the beach (which was just across the street… you´re jealous, I know) for a swim! Well, we went down to put our toes in the ocean and somewhere along the way decided to do the full on swim. Swimming in the ocean in January at 9PM… CANNOT BE BEAT! Again, tell me now. How freakin jealous are you???


Back at the hostel–post swim which resulted in soaking wet jeans, ew! No towel of course. The bad techno is still on, but louder now. The main room is full of people, colorful folk. Literally, colorful. Sunburns as far as the eye could see! People from all over the world… Switzerland, Quebec, South Africa, Albania, Italy–even another buddy from Calgary! And those are just the ones I remember. Beer and ¨tropical punch with vodka¨ is being handed out. My memory gets a little foggy here… I know we ended up back at the beach again at some point. I know I spoke French to some people… apparently pretty well too! There was some yoga practice on the front lawn. Haha… (see pictures!)

I´m writing this and being completely distracted by the bare bottom of the skinny little Italian girl making up her bed. I guess bare bottoms are acceptable attire in Italy. She is one of our 12 roommates. There are 3 tall blonde Barbie dolls from Finland. A guy sleeping on the bunk next to me who spent his morning reading ¨Tropic of Capricorn¨and the Psychology Journal. Random. So random.

We hit the beach this morning. It wasn´t overly hot, but warm with a cool breeze coming off the waves. I could have slept out there forever. But no time! Getting ready to pack up and head to the airport now and fly off to PERU…

Bye Miami. Savannah especially, will miss you.



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