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Good Morning Peru!

Local Currency – SOLES

100 Soles = about 35 US dollars

Location: LIMA, PERU

It´s probably 19 degrees Celcius right now. 11:14 AM. Sitting on my hostel terrace, listening to the Shins on my iPod and imagining how cold home probably is right now. Waiting for a computer to free up so I can upload pictures and add these blog entries! Savannah is enjoying a ¨siesta¨right now. I´m tired as well but will save up all my exhaustion for the bus ride tonight and marvel at my journey so far instead.

First off–thanks to Erin for this place. Awesome hostel to suit our first night in South America in the absolutely massive city of Lima — population 2.8 million

out room

Our Room 🙂

Safe and quite hostel. And the rolls WERE delicious this morning.

We made our way to the Cruz del Sur bus depot this morning–still half asleep–and booked our tickets to Cusco. We leave at 3:30 PM and drive through the night. We get into Cusco at 11AM tomorrow I believe. Then find a hostel.

Oh, we found a Starbucks this morning! Had an amazing breakfast–smoothie y (and) panini! Beauty! We ate breakfast outside on the patio. How many of you reading this right now ate your breakfast on a patio?? HA!

I´m being forced to practice my Spanish here. ¨You speak Spanish Tessa?¨Haha… ya not so so much. I took one semester at college and right about now am wishing I skipped less classes… although it´s funny how it comes back to you when you need it. Beautiful language. I love how I sound speaking it.OLA vs HELLO. GRACIAS vs THANKS. CUANDO CUESTA? vs HOW MUCH?. Maybe a motivator to study it when I get home.

Another thank you to Erin. This book. (I know, this is an online blog you say…) Erin gave me a travel journal for my trip


Sleepy Head

I will transfer all, or most of it to my blog–but when a computer is inaccessible, the book works like a charm.

Oooo… Colin Hay on my iPod now. Nice. Starbucks was pumping some Kate Nash this morning too! Hell yes.

I tried to get some pictures of Lima today… but only fromt he back seat of a taxi. Its dangerous to have your camera out on the streets… and I promised Mom I would do my very best NOT to get robbed so….

I must talk about LAN!!!! For all those airline enthusiasts reading this. Best flight of my life! I actually wished it were longer–HA! We took a 767. Nice comfy seats. Nice big recline. Complimentary blankets (nice blankets too!) and pillows. Dinner. Complimentary glass of wine. Now the TV… complete with remote and touch screen. Movies (44 to be exact), TV shows, music, games (the remote control doubled as a Game Boy controller thing), Spanish lessons, country information and a map. ALL COMPLIMENTARY!!! I watched VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA, GARDEN STATE, two episodes of TWO AND A HALF MEN and the first half of HOW TO LOOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS. BEST FLIGHT EVER!!!!! The FA´s all had matching red pumps… aww


First Stop Starbucks

So cool. Can´t wait to fly home just to get on the plane again.

I had a dream about Ash, Izzy and Sarah Philpott last night! Miss you girls! Missing everyone right now. I´m off to wake Savannah so that we can check outta this joint and head for the bus! More updates to come when we arrive in Cusco.

Love to everyone! Write back! Stay tuned for more ADVENTURES OF STILLER AND POLLY. (mad props to whoever can figure that one out, haha! yes, i said MAD PROPS.)



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