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Arrived in Lima Peru

Holy crap, I smell bad right now….

Lima Peru (Miraflores is the ¨neighborhood¨. I love to say Miraflores. I know you´re saying it out loud right now Dad. Pretty hey?)

January 10th, well 11th technically.


Loving the very small, quiet and clean hostel. Nice old man working. Clean mineral water to drink. Private room with a TV! Free internet. Loving this. Definitely a good call. Taxi ride was long and fast. Fast as in driving in Peru is nuts. It seems stop signs, speed limits and lanes are merely suggestions here.. and the constant honking horns are the background music to these first overwhelming moments on the other side of the world. Too dark and intimidating to venutre out tonight in search of nourishment. Going to bed hungry tonihgt. Ahh… sleep.



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